Potato Farming in Sumatra: Growing A Brighter Future

Our supporters are turning spuds into success stories through our partnership with the Scorpion Foundation in Sumatra.

Potato Farming in Sumatra

Who knew potatoes could be the heroes of orangutan conservation?

Working with and empowering local communities in Indonesia is essential to orangutan conservation. Thanks to our supporters, we fund the Scorpion Foundation in Sumatra to provide education and training for local villagers in various farming practices.

One successful project has been intensive potato farming. In late 2022, Scorpion organised potato farming training for the villagers of Ramba Sihasur in South Tapanuli who live near Tapanuli orangutan habitat. 

An experienced trainer covered numerous topics including how to cultivate land, maintenance, and harvest preparation. Scorpion provided potato seeds for  the villagers to grow on their land. 

By cultivating sustainable agriculture on their own land, these resourceful villagers are not only boosting their income by over 10%, but they're also safeguarding the orangutans' natural habitat.

But here's the root of the matter: this potato-powered initiative isn't just about filling bellies. It's about empowering the community and reducing their reliance on the nearby forest, which is home to the precious Tapanuli orangutans. 

This training has resulted in over a 10% increase in monthly income - and check out those delicious-looking potato crops! 

They now have the skills to continue this into the future.

Here’s to cultivating hope for a brighter future for the local communities of Ramba Suhasur - both for themselves and their orangutan neighbours!

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